How to Choose an Electric Beauty Bed


Here at Salon Store we take pride in ourselves to bring you professional salon quality furniture at affordable prices, whilst ensuring both comfort and style are not compromised. The Electric Beauty Beds are versatile, giving a modern and stylish experience to compliment your décor within your salon. Whatever your requirements are, the electric beauty bed you choose is the most crucial piece of furniture as your customer will be using the bed throughout their treatment and needs to feel maximum comfort, whilst also essential for you to work your magic performing various beauty treatments. Follow the steps below to ensure you choose the correct bed to fit your requirements.

Important Factors to Consider

One of the first things you will need to think about is the size of the bed and the space you will need around the bed to carry out the treatments without restrictions. Particular attention should be made to the width of the bed rather than the length. The customer needs to feel comfortable in the bed, without being too narrow, forcing the customer to have their arms over hanging the arm rests on the bed.

Once you have reviewed the dimensions of the bed, it is then essential to check the quality and durability of the bed. It is best to check the fabric quality as this will resist fairly well over the use. The fabric needs to be wipeable from any substances such as, massage oils, body creams and skin care products. The padding on the bed is extremely important to ensure the client is comfortable throughout their beauty experience, while also ensuring the bed is resistant to wear over time. The structure of the bed is another factor to consider, Salon Store ensure the beds have a stable metal frame, making them strong and suitable for a wide range of treatments. This enables a maximum weight capacity of 150kg. It is also best to ensure the accessories that come with the bed meet your expectations and help you perform the treatments for your client. For example, removable headrest options, removable arm rests etc. Manual, hydraulic or electric beds are also a big factor upon choosing the correct bed as the height of the bed, the backrest, the arm and foot rest may need to be adjustable to carry out the treatment for your client.

Brisbane Beauty Bed

The Brisbane Beauty bed is multifunctional. The Brisbane has many many uses, perfect for medical use, beauty or to carry out pedicure treaments. The Brisbane Beauty Bed is fitted with a noise free motor, granted with a 3 year warranty. The full dimensions of the bed can be found on the diagram on this post.

The Brisbane beauty bed is made from PU Leather which makes it soft and comfortable for your clients to relax. The Brisbane comes with a convenient hand held remote that lifts and rotates using the gas lift adjustment, this makes the bed easy to operate, strong, stable and durable with a weight capacity of 150kg. The Brisbane beauty bed is fitted with hardware fittings, making the bed firm and durable. The adjustable foot pads are perfect to level the bed on a range of surfaces and holds the bed securely in place. The Brisbane bed comes with a removable pillow and removable arm rests, ideal for carrying out a various range of treatments. Click here to make this beauty couch a superb addition to your salon.

Elite Beauty Bed

The Elite Beauty Bed comes with the multi angle adjustment. With a hand held three motor control to alter the backrest, foot rest and the overall height of the bed, it is perfect to elevate the bed in to the perfect position for you to be comfortable while carrying out the treatments for your clients. When the Elite bed is on standby, the leg rests are tilted to 45 degrees as standard. This is designed to allow your client to have strong support when moving in or out of the bed, to ensure your customer feels comfortable and fully supported throughout their treatment, with a weight capacity of 150kg. The Elite bed comes with a removable pillow, with the facial hole available underneath, perfect for sports massage therapists, with the option the armrest to be fully flat with the bed, or completely removing the armrests to be able to work freely. The Elite Beauty Bed comes with a 18 month warranty, the warranty of the motor is a 2 year warranty. See the images for the full specification of the Elite Beauty Couch.

The Elite Electric Beauty Beds are sold with high quality motors with their own warranty. This gives you quality assurance on all stock. The Elite Beauty bed has good, strong stability, the base of the beds are made from Acrylic, stronger than other plastic bases on the market. The Acrylic base is easy to clean and maintain, it comes with a long service life, and is easy to disassemble should you need to move the bed in the future.

Mombasa Beauty Bed

The Mombasa Beauty Bed is the crème de la crème of our beauty bed range, it has the 270 degree rotation, with a four motor hand held control to adjust the backrest, leg rest, the main seat and the overall height adjustment too. The head rest and the foot rest both extend, to ensure maximum comfort for all clients. To ensure your clients are ready for their treatment, the Mombasa Beauty Bed has a high density man made foam using multi-layer sponge suitable for perfect relaxation.

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