How to Choose the Best Portable Massage Table


A Portable Massage Table allows you to take your skills and your business into a client's home or place of work instead of waiting for your client to come to you. Having a portable massage table offers you the opportunity to extend your business without investing in a new beauty salon or parlour, also having the added bonus of not needing to invite clients into your home. The best portable massage tables need to balance the attributes of quality, comfort and sturdiness all in one product. If you are going to be travelling around with your table, then being lightweight is an advantage also.

Weight Capacity

If your clientele includes people that are of a larger weight range, then you must ensure that the massage table can facilitate their size and weight. Some massage tables can accommodate up to 150kg while others have a maximum capacity of 80kg, therefore this may be an important factor when choosing a suitable table. Most massage tables seem to be able to take a maximum capacity of around 100-120kg. You should also be aware that not only does your massage table have to accommodate your clients' weight but also the weight of the force that you apply to your clients. Read any product descriptions carefully to work out if the maximum weight capacity listed is just for that of your client or the total weight that can be applied.

Type Of Frame

Some massage tables are heavier than others, often due to the type of material used in the mechanics. The main options you are going to come across in this area is choosing between a wooden frame or an aluminium one. Most tables have wooden frames, but most of the aluminium options are lighter than their wooden counterparts. There are the 3 section massage tables, the third section raises up as a back support so clients can be seated more upright if needed for some treatments, instead of remaining flat.

Foam Thickness and Padding

Choosing the best portable massage table for your business will be dependent on your needs and most importantly the needs of your client. If you are specialising your business in Aromatherapy massage you would be best choosing a very comfortable portable massage table to give the clients the most relaxing treatment, whereas if you are focussing more on sports therapy treatments, you would need a strong sturdy table that is very stable and can support a heavy weight. However, chiropractors may prefer that their patients lay on a bed with less padding, so the thickness level will depend on how it will be used. In most cases, thicker padding which consists of high-density foam is the way to go. Massage tables usually have a foam thickness of between 2 and 2.75 inches.


There are two main types of material used in the massage table material. PVC and PU leather. PVC leather is water and oil proof by nature. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. PU leather tends to feel softer than PVC which is why a lot of the more premium massage tables come with this type of leather. Most of the PU upholstery on portable massage tables are water and oil resistant but may differ according to the specific type.

Table Height / Adjustability

The portable table you choose does need to meet your expectations. The table does need to be a perfect height for you to work on, specific to your height. An adjustable height maybe more suitable.

Accessories and Features

Some portable massage tables are built with some basic add-ons, but others may include additional accessories such as an arm armrest, arm sling, carrying handle, or a carrying case. However, more features doesn’t always mean better. More features usually means more weight, which equals less portability.

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