How to Choose The Best Manicure Table


Are you looking for a stylish, contemporary manicure table to suit your modern beauty room? A good manicure table is an essential piece of equipment within your beauty room where your client needs to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their manicure treatment. It’s also important that the manicure table is comfortable for you as the Nail Technician, as you’ll often be working at this table for many hours! Having a manicure table that fits perfectly into the interior of your nail salon is also of the upmost importance, it is part of the furniture after all and needs to portray the image you want. Choosing the best manicure table can be a confusing task, here at Salon Store we have a great range of modern Manicure Tables with different finishes to suit your requirements. To view our full range click here.

Tempered Glass Manicure Tables

The 12mm tempered glass top manicure tables are some of our best sellers, the tempered glass is up to four times stronger than ordinary glass and is very popular because of its safety. The tempered glass top is wipeable, waterproof and also shock resistant. Our tempered glass manicure tables have high thermostability, meaning that the glass is more resistant to high temperatures; more resistant to corrosion, meaning that the strong chemicals that Nail Technicians use are less likely to cause damage; and much stronger than conventional glass, meaning our tempered glass table tops are less likely to chip than others. To view the full range of Salon Store glass manicure tables click here.

Manicure Tables With Wooden Top

All Salon Store Manicure Tables are manufactured using high quality MDF, making them heavy duty and long lasting, perfect for busy Nail Technicians. We use electronic material saws for all out wooden manicure tables to ensure an accurate and efficient cut. Click here to view the full range of Salon Store Wooden manicure tables.

Lockable Castors

Lockable castors are a designed to keep your manicure table stationary while carrying out treatments for your clients. The castors can also be unlocked making it easy to transport your manicure table around the salon if needed. The lockable castors used on Salon Store manicure tables are all medical grade which means they are designed to work quietly and efficiently. Each wheel used on Salon Store manicure tables have a single load bearing of 50kg per wheel, meaning if there are 4 wheels in total they can hold a combined weight of 200kg.

Silent Guide Rails

All drawers used on Salon Store manicure tables are fitted with silent guide rails for smooth effortless use. The runners on the drawers are hard wearing and long lasting with the advantage that the drawers open quieter than others on the market.

Manicure Tables With Dust Extractors

A nail dust collector is an important piece of kit for any nail technician, whether you are working from home or in a busy salon. Having a nail dust collector is a vital addition when choosing your manicure table. The nail dust collector works for both the client, but more so the technician, having to work many hours breathing in nail dust can affect your respiratory health. While there is no way of preventing dust and fumes while carrying out nail treatments to your clients, it is vital to try and remove the dust particles in the air as soon as they’re generated to ensure you protect both yourself and your client buy using a dust collector. Dust collectors are usually compact and portable, easy to both install and remove. They usually have an adjustable suction that works hard to vacuum in any dust particles from the air. Before purchasing a dust collector fan, it is best to check it the motor is adequate and it is powerful enough for the area you are working in, not forgetting to check the noise level. The collectors are usually equipped with a powerful motor, that can be very noisy. Finding a good quality nail dust collector may perform well whilst also having a lower noise level, to maintain that calming, relaxing salon/home ambience for your client. Salon Store manicure tables use either a AV-5 fan or AV-1 fan, both fans are powerful fans with low noise level, easy to install and are also designed to be easy to maintain and for the ease of regular cleaning.

AV-5 Fan

The AV-5 fan is a twin turbo fan exhaust system and is composed of three parts see diagram below. The fan has a high efficiency reusable filter, therefore you do not have the outlay of purchasing more filters in the future. The fan is easy to install to your manicure table and is also easy to clean and maintain. The filter should not be cleaned with water, once the filter is removed, the dust and fragments can be gently emptied in to a bin and the filter is ready to reinsert in to the fan to use straight away. To view Salon Store manicure tables which use the AV-5 Fan click here

AV-1 Fan

The AV-1 fan is a permeability seamless dust collector fan and is composed of four parts, with an aluminum dust cover. The fan is easy to install to your manicure table and is also easy to clean and maintain. The filter should not be cleaned with water, once the filter is removed, the dust and fragments can be gently emptied in to a bin and the filter is ready to reinsert in to the fan to use straight away. To view Salon Store manicure tables which use the AV-1 Fan click here.

Three Level Filtration Fan

The three level filtration filters have a technical air filtering system using draft fans, ductwork and extract systems. The filters are made up of three layers, Filter A captures the dust, Filter B is the activated carbon, this helps to remove any odors from the air. Filter C is designed to keep the dust off the fan. The filter control box is kept away in the cabinet to keep your table neat and tidy. See image below to show the full specification. These Fans have a 220V fan motor and also come with a 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee. It is important to make sure our products meet your expectations and the current UK regulations. All our products comes with the CE Certification. The CE mark on a product indicates that the manufacturer or importer of the product affirms its compliance with the relevant EU legislation and the product may be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA). The EU requirements may include safety, health and environmental protection. Salon Store also meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances Certification (RoHS). By affixing the CE marking in accordance with the RoHS Directive, the manufacturer or importer confirms that his electrical or electronic equipment (including the underlying components) is free of hazardous substances. Check out the Salon Store manicure table using the 3-level filtration system click here.

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