How to choose the best Hairdressing Trolley


As a professional Hairdresser, a hairdressing trolley is your best friend. It helps keep you organised, stores your equipment, but most importantly, it keeps the products, equipment and accessories to hand when you work on your clients’ hair, making you work faster and more efficiently. Hairdressing Trolleys come in a variety of styles, it’s therefore important to choose the perfect one for you. At the Salon Store we have a range of hairdressing trolleys available for your perusal. Here we discuss the different aspects and features of the designs to help you in your quest.

Which material is best for you?

Generally, hairdressing trolleys are either made from metal or plastic. A hairdressing trolley with a metal frame is usually stronger than a plastic one. There are also advantages of a metal trolley top, as metal obviously doesn’t melt from hot hairdryers and hair straighteners being placed on it, whereas most plastics would. The main advantage of using a plastic hairdressing trolley is that it tends to be more cost effective than metal and lighter in weight. Plastic also doesn’t rust like metal can and it’s easy to clean. Many plastic trolleys have metal storage attachments to hold warm items, like hair dryers and straighteners, or metal trolley top, giving the best of both materials.


Different hairdressing trolleys have different storage capacities, which could greatly influence your decision of which trolley you choose. If you have lots of different tools and brushes to store, you may consider a hairdressing trolley which includes a larger number of shallower drawers as opposed to a smaller number of deeper drawers. If you have several products in taller bottles, you may need a trolley which includes a shelf or a few shelves where the height is tall enough for you to store all your bottles and sprays in. The amount of storage your hairdressing trolley holds may also depend on the size of the salon you’re working in, as you may not be able to accommodate a larger one, and therefore the best option may be to choose a slimmer design, whereby you only store the items you need to work with on that day. The Original E-Trolley includes 6 removable drawers/trays.


The type of features that your hairdressing trolley needs to include will depend on how you work and what you do most of. For example, if you do a lot of hair colouring, you may want to consider one which includes colour mixing pots within its design. There are also hairdressing trolleys which have foil bars and cutters included in them for foils, which would be very handy if you tend to do a lot of highlights. Some hairdressing trolley includes a colour mixing pot. Other trolleys have specially positioned slots and holes to keep brushes, clips and equipment such as hairdryers, curling tongues and straighteners to hand, helping you to work faster and stay with your client. Some hairdressing trolleys has several places to keep important brushes and equipment to hand. Some hairdressing trolleys have specially designed racks on the outside of them as well as drawers, these racks enable you to see your sprays and other products whilst you’re working, saving time rummaging through drawers and shelves looking for things. Racks and taller shelves within trolleys are also useful if you have products that need to be stored in an upright position. Other hairdressing trolleys includes two storage racks, perfect for keeping important products to hand. Some trolleys are also lockable. This feature could be particularly useful if you have clients come to your home salon, preventing children from accessing potentially harmful products.


Usually, most hairdressing trolleys come with either plastic or rubber castors. Rubber castors are easier to move around than plastic ones if the hairdressing trolley is of a heavy weight. The larger the castors, the easier the trolley will be to move around too and this should be considered when choosing a trolley. Some castors are lockable, which could be particularly important if you’re working in a busy hair salon, where there could be many hairdressers and clients walking around at the same time. Some hairdressing trolleys have a swivel base, which means that the castors rotate, giving even greater manoeuvrability. After taking into consideration some of the features you may want your hairdressing trolley to offer, why not take a look at what we at the Salon Store have to offer.

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